Wiki's are collaborative websites where you can work together to gather information. You can easily edit a wiki, and you can easily change a wiki page back if someone makes a mistake.

There are many wiki's on the internet. Wikipedia is the most famous, but many other wiki's exist. If you are a fan of Star Wars, there is Wookiepedia. If you are a fan of Star Trek, there is Memory Alpha and Memory Beta.


Easy: Visit Wikipedia and find an article on an educational topic, like Classroom Management. Look at the top of the page and at the side of the page.

  1. Open the discussion section.
  2. Click on 'Edit this page' and look at how the page is put together.
  3. Click on 'History' and look at the way others wrote on this topic.
  4. Click on 'Discussion' to see what people are talking about

Advanced: Do the Easy exercise. Go to TiddlyWiki and download this simple wiki. Try out some of the markup you saw in the 'Edit this Page' section on Wikipedia.



  • Write about one section of the Wikipedia article .
    • What were people talking about in the discussion section?
    • What changes had been made to the page recently?
    • Write about how links, bold and italics are made in a wiki from looking at the 'Edit This Page' section.


  • Take a look at the Help Table. Write about how Wiki markup is different from HTML.


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